Jacqueline Lennon

St Pat's 4th Grade Teacher

    Jacqueline Lennon graduated from St. Patrick’s School in 2001. She remembers her years at our school with great fondness and she was very happy to be able to come back as a 4th grade teacher over 4 years ago. Teaching runs in Miss Lennon’s family and she knew she wanted to carry on the tradition at an early age. She vividly recalls helping both her grandmother and her mother grade papers and homework as a kid. Miss Lennon’s mom, Maria Lennon, is also a teacher at St. Pat’s, teaching Pre-K for the past 7 years. Her grandmother was a 3rd grade teacher for many years in the Half Hollow Hills school district. Miss Lennon also fondly remembers making her two younger brothers play “school” with her all during their childhoods. Naturally, she was always the teacher and they were the students!


    Miss Lennon graduated from Marist College with a B.A. in Psychology and a certification in Elementary and Special Education. She went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Literacy from Touro College in Bayshore, which also allows her to be a reading teacher at the high school level. Miss Lennon says that her favorite thing about teaching is connecting with the students on their level and having a easy rapport with them. She loves getting her kids to laugh and she likes to make sure they are happy and enthusiastic about coming to school. Miss Lennon also really enjoys her connection to the other teachers at St. Pat’s, especially the other 4th grade teachers. She is also very grateful for her outstanding teacher’s aide, Miss Patti Cooke. (Miss Cooke is also a St. Pat’s graduate!)

    In her free time, Miss Lennon likes to go running, relax at the beach and have dinner at Besito, her favorite restaurant! Anyone that knows her also knows that she is a HUGE New York Giants fan! She also really enjoys country music. Miss Lennon also has some exciting news! She recently became engaged to Casey, her boyfriend of 2 years, and they are getting married on June 26th, 2015 at St. Patrick’s Church. We are sure that many of Miss Lennon’s students will be in attendance to see their favorite teacher get married. Miss Lennon is a kind, smart, enthusiastic teacher and St. Pat’s is very lucky to have her!

(March 2014)