Scholarship Fund

The Parish has some very exciting news for the Saint Patrick's School community.  We are extremely happy to announce that, as part of the recent Parish-wide capital campaign, a significant portion of the campaign funds has been set aside to start a scholarship/tuition assistance fund for the families of Saint Patrick's School.  Providing a Catholic education for our children is a significant expensive and this fund will help families stay at Saint Patrick's School.  It is a huge win-win.  The families will benefit directly from the reduction of their education costs and the School will benefit by increased enrollment.  Families who struggle to take advantage of the special education at Saint Patrick's School will now have an additional avenue of support.  We will provide the details of the fund, and how we can contribute to it, once it has been formally structured and announced.  If you have any questions you may contact us at or the Parish office at (631) 385-3311.

Here is a brief description of the capital campaign, including other benefits the school will receive.

Saint Patrick’s Church Announces Capital Campaign
In late October, 2013, Church of Saint Patrick announced the kickoff of a Parish-wide capital campaign, titled ”50th Anniversary Church Campaign: Caring for the Gifts Given Us”.  With the 50th anniversary of our church building, there are many signs of wear that now need the attention it deserves.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $3 million dollars to address some of the critical concerns brought on by age of our Church building and other Parish facilities. For the Church building, donations are ear-marked for the restoration of the pipe organ, the Panzeroni mural, pew restoration and replacement, upgrading the sound system, renovating the choir loft, restoration of the cupola, and upgrading the air conditioning and Church security.

Our School will also benefit from donations to the capital campaign.  The School will receive funds to update our cafeteria by installing a new, lower ceiling, as well as installing new lighting, a more energy efficient heating system, and a new cooling system.  The School will also be receiving a new security system in order to provide a secure and safe environment for our School children and staff.  Some of the donations will be used to start a tuition assistance program, which will help provide assistance to those families that demonstrate significant financial need in order to continue to provide their children a Catholic education.

Church of Saint Patrick welcomes any donations to this campaign.  If you are considering making a tax deductible donation, or would like more information on the campaign, please contact the Parish Office at (631) 385-3311.